Energy Healing

Soul Love Empowerment

Heal with vibrational EnergY

Youniversal Sound Healing

1 hour 30 minutes • $155

A gentle, yet powerful cellular massage with the use of therapeutic grade Tibetan singing bowls. .  The assistance of ancient, high vibrational stones and essential oils are used to support your healing journey and creates a blissful, multifaceted experience.

Align the Universe

These beautiful bowls are placed on, and around the body to relax you deeply and allow your own healing divinity to awaken. Because of my studies in mediumship and psychic development I most often receive messages from guides or through your energy bodies that I share after the session has ended - if you are open to these messages.

Energy Fields

To expand your healing experience even more so, I channel the luminescent loving Reiki energy wherever I am called to using connected intuition. This exercise I have designed myself after years of study. This exercise will engage other senses so you can successfully transition into the meditative state required for healing.



Spirit Healing

1 Hour $222

Spirit Healing is a powerful and deeply shifting healing experience. I will guide you into a relaxed meditative state. From there I will call in only high vibrational Spirit, those who wish to assist in your healing. I work as a conduit for the light energies of Spirit to flow through me.


Remove low vibration

With these energies I work intensively on clearing blockages within your being, realigning and rebalancing the chakras. Removing any entities or low vibrational energies that may be attached. Experiences can vary depending on your openness and awareness of energies and spirit. Each journey and outcome is varied and quite individual.

Full body bliss

Though all clients receive deep reconnection of the soul star chakra with Source energy and the earth start chakra with Gaia's energy. Thus experiencing full body bliss and deep peace within your entire body. Empowerment of your intention, Reconnection with the higher self and clarity of the mind.