Kuan Yin Oracle


Oracle Card Readings

For only $111, oracle card readings include ~

  • Pictures of your cards so you can connect in with your chosen spread.
  • Relevant and direct messages from the book
  • Intuitive and channelled guidance through me in regards to your intention and/or particular energies that are coming through.
  • A prayer to connect with Kuan Yin and receive any further guidance and healing.
  • A free 10 minute Kuan Yin meditation to aid with healing and integration.
  • Full voice recordings of all your messages and your 10-minute guided meditation.

3 card reading

A Three card "Kuan Yin Mirror" Reading, which is used when you have a particular relationship issue that needs clarification or healing (whether it be business, personal or spiritual relationship). This will help you discover what guidance will serve you to move forward in understanding and healing.

4 card reading

Four card "Lotus Blossom" Reading, which is used when seeking spiritual advice or for any question or issue, whether it is spiritual or material. This spread will serve you to connect with your guidance and receive spiritual instruction to move through any blocks you are experiencing.


the Oracles

Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin is the most well-known goddess in the Chinese population. Her name means “One who hears the cries of the world”. She is probably the most valued and honoured of all the gods among the Chinese. Today many in this west have found this goddess and taken her to heart.

The Cards

"This really is a stunning 44-card oracle deck. You’ve got the 3 x 5 inch larger size cards that are typical of oracle decks these days, high-gloss, 2-piece glossy box packaging, and a nice perfect-bound guidebook to go along."