Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching

Are you feeling unaligned? 

Have you lost your path or are struggling to find your purpose?

Are you at breaking point? 

Maybe you recognise the dark night of the Soul?

Sweet Soul – allow me to assist you. I provide a uniquely profound combination of Holistic Coaching using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Intuitive channeling, Energy Healing, Eastern/ Yogic Philosophy, and Spiritual and Esoteric teachings. There are so many benefits to my work!

Holistic Coaching is a unique alternative healing method only I employ, and it is available for you now. The unique combination of techniques I use will assist you in opening your eyes and awareness to all areas of your life! Offering healing on so many layers.

My offerings assist with deep mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. They offer an opportunity to re-wire the mind for good health, happiness, balance, love, abundance, and success.  Allow me to assist you in filling your cup so your magic can flow out into the world in all its glory!

What is my secret? My offerings peel back the layers of falsehood. Bringing you back to your truth, your essence, the beautiful ray of light that you are! Together we will work to bring you back, FULLY into your power! 

You have been playing small for too long, feeling negative emotions, thinking negative thoughts, playing out self-sabotaging behavior patterns, not knowing how to change.

 Enough is enough!

 Together, let us free you of these burdens and re-wire you to live through your highest potential!


My Holistic Coaching programs are all personally structured so that I may be of best service to you and your needs. Whatever changes you are craving in life, whatever healing you are ready to work through, I will be there to support you every step of the way! 

We will journey through removing anything that no longer serves you and implementing strategies that will keep you vibrating HIGH and allow you to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of!

How can I best be of service?

If you are calling in some assistance in your life, here it is!

My passion lies in journeying deep with people like you to move into good health, abundance, truth, and empowerment!

Holistic Coaching is me following my bliss, let me assist you in finding yours. 

You can simply call upon me. I am a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Masters and Timeline Therapy graduate, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer, Certified Yoga Teacher, Sound Massage Therapist, Sacred Ceremony Facilitator, Artist and Explorer of Consciousness.

I have spent many years studying and practicing modalities to heal the Mind, Body, and Soul. I can help you transform your life with the power and potency of these modalities. I will be using this unique combination of Coaching, NLP, hypnosis, and energy healing to deliver the most empowering results for you to step into who you came here to be!

Self-investment is the best investment you will ever make! It is time to transform all that energy you are wasting and put it to good use!! Journey with me, you will fall in love with your self over and over again, and you will fully receive the results in life you have been dreaming of.

I will be using NLP, Timeline therapy, and hypnosis to remove all major negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt), limiting beliefs and thought patterns, stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, and/ or addictions. I will use my spiritual teachings and philosophy to open your awareness and heal old/ ancestral/ past life blockages. I will use intuitive channeling and energy healing for rapid energetic healing and cleansing as well as increased alignment with your truth and power!

My Holistic coaching services are based online, which means this incredible work is accessible from anywhere in the world! No matter where you are, I can assist with your personal growth, healing, and evolution.

If you want to work with me in person, my current location is Melbourne, Australia, where I also offer many powerful 1:1 healing sessions and Embodiment workshops and training.

Come, Sweet Soul

It is your time now RISE

Who can get the services I offer?

The variety of potent services that I offer, including Holistic life coaching, Sound and energy healing, Oracle Card Readings, Intuitive Coaching sessions, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Initiation Journeys, and a range of online and embodiment training in Melbourne. These are available for those beings who are willing to take full responsibility of their role here on this planet, those who are committed to self-love, self-healing, and self-evolution. If you are ready to commit to YOU, if you are ready to RISE, if you are prepared to live through your HIGHEST potential, this is your calling to reach out to me.

  • Not capable of dealing with your own emotions?
  • Lacking tools that are needed to deal with your emotions or life in general?.
  • If you are a person who lives with many limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns
  • If you lack the trust in yourself or others
  • Do you have fears in your life?
  • Are you living the life you want?

Any interested being can deep dive into my offerings. Even if you are one who doesn’t have any previous experience with self-healing, energy work, or NLP/ Timeline Therapy/ Hypnotherapy, you are welcomed with open arms! I encourage those already on a spiritual journey, to allow yourself to dive much more in-depth with my potent teachings. This work is open to any person who loves to embrace new experiences to heal, grow, and make a change for the better!

Go ahead and call upon me sweet Soul,

 I have been waiting for you.

Feel free to connect with me if you need additional information. Or else, you can simply move to the next step of our connection and dive into my potent services today!

I am offering a free connection call for all those who are curious to go ahead with this genuinely life-changing opportunity. You have so much to gain from this! The time you spend on connecting in with me through this free connection call may just be your first step into the life you wish to live!

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